Frequently Asked Questions about JAPAN 3

Q. What season is the best for travelling?

A. I recommend traveling in spring because the temperature and weather is most comfortable. Many flowers come blooming in this season, You can also see cherry blossoms which is the most popular and the most favorable flower in Japan. The second best season is autumn, in which it is not so hot and not so cold. The leaves become red and yellow and they decorate the mountains.
If you want to enjoy the warm sunshine in cold weather, you can visit Japan in winter. The temperature in Japan is not so low as that in Europe. You have to choose the site carefully to visit. In the NIHON-KAI side (the area faces to Japan Sea) it snows heavily, and if you are not a skier it is too cold to enjoy the travel. In the TAIHEIYOU side (the area faces to Pacific Sea) it seldom snows.

Q. How should I travel in Japan for sightseeing?

A. By rent-a-car is the worst selection in Japan. The roads are narrow, twisted and jammed, the parking fee is high, and the highway charge is incredible! (They, highwayman!) By public traffic, especially by air and train, is more reasonable.

Q. Can I use my credit card to pay?

A. At the major shops and department. However I recommend you to prepare the sufficient cash to eat meal and buy souvenir because many shops and service counters don't accept credit card. To make things worse, almost all cash dispenser never serve in 24 hours.

Q. Any advice for travelling sightseeing in Japan?

A.The stay charge system of Japanese hotels is different from that in other countries. You are charged by the number of guests who stay, but not by the number of rooms. Room charge system is not applied in most Japanese hotels. Sounds curious? Say you and your friend want to stay in one room, you have to pay twice. Please do not ask me the reason. This is Japanese style.

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